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When looking for space to install signs in your place of business, you may find you have fewer options than you thought. Maybe you were planning to install a sign on a wall but once you moved the furniture in you realized there’s no space on the walls that would be free from obstruction. Some places have great big front windows. But can you really put a sign on your window? And if so, how? Windows are actually great places for signs and one common way to install a sign on a window is with window film. The window film is typically placed on the inside of the glass so that it won’t be exposed to the occasionally harsh weather we get here in Georgia.

But wait, you might be thinking, “Won’t window film completely block people’s lines of vision through the window?”. Well, no, actually. Some window films are designed to work one-way, meaning they’ll look different depending on which side of the glass you are positioned. For example, window film can display text, a logo, or graphics to the outside world, but would be largely transparent from the inside looking out. “What sorcery is this?”, you ask. It’s not sorcery it’s just good design. Window film like this is typically perforated, creating the desired effect to people looking in but being see-through for those looking out.

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