Why Your Van Needs A Wrap

Aug 14,2020

Why Your Van Needs A Wrap

Advertising is tough. Especially for small and medium sized businesses in Georgia. How much can you afford to spend on advertising and how do you advertise? There are many answers, but one popular one is: the van wrap.

Van Wraps Turn Functional Work Vehicles Into Magnificent Promotional Tools.

A van wrap is a type of vehicle graphic. It’s called a “van wrap” because the graphic can wrap around the van, being displayed on multiple sides of the vehicles. If your Georgian business uses a work vehicle, whether it’s a van, car, or something else, you could benefit greatly from a wrap.

Van Wraps Can Go All-out With Colors And Graphics Or Use Simpler And More Straight-to-the-point Messaging.

Every van wrap should state the name of your Georgian business and give a telephone number. You should also include a web address if you have a website and your company logo or slogan if you have those. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Simply stating that information is not very eye-catching, so including a vibrant graphic can help. For example, if you own a plumbing business in Norcross, a graphic of a happy cartoon plumber fixing a dramatic leak both conveys what you do and grabs people’s attention. Lastly, you can even install your van wrap over your side windows. By using film, small perforations in the graphic allow you to see out your window but from the outside, people just see the van wrap graphic.

What’s The Big Advantage Of Having A Van Wrap?

Plumbers in Norcross can make good money. But even the most successful plumber will not have an extravagant marketing budget. Van wraps don’t cost a lot and the upside is huge. Van wraps turn your work van into a mobile billboard. This means that every time you drive to a job in North Atlanta, Tucker, Chamblee, or anywhere else in Georgia, you’re advertising your plumbing business. That means every vehicle you pass on I-285 outside of Chamblee or North Atlanta, every person who passes by your parked car outside a jobsite in Tucker, or even those who see your van parked outside your home in Norcross will see your beautiful van wrap and will think of you the next time they need a plumber. And unlike billboards and radio commercials, which are expensive and require recurring costs, van wraps only cost one modest sum and last for years.

Peachtree Signs & Graphics

At Peachtree Signs & Graphics, we can turn your work van in Norcross, North Atlanta, Chamblee, Tucker, or anywhere else in Georgia, into a beautiful mobile billboard. To learn more please contact us via our website or call us at (678) 224-5401.

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