Why Your Business Needs Custom Signs

Jan 20,2020

Why Your Business Needs Custom Signs

Running a business is tough. This is true whether you’re running a business in a big city like Atlanta or in a small community like Doraville. There is a lot to think about and if you’re new to running a business there are some things that you are bound to overlook. One of those things that is often overlooked is signage. Sure, business owners might pay a lot of mind to what kind of sign they want on their storefront or beside the street. But there are many more signs that a business needs that often go overlooked. And they really shouldn’t.

How Important Is A Business Sign?

Whether you run a restaurant, manage an office, own a retail store, or any other kind of business, there are loads of signs that you will need. We’ve already discussed how businesses need a storefront sign or monument sign in front of their business. But beyond that, there are many other signs that businesses need. Open/Closed signs, signs for the restroom, lobby signs, signs on the doors, office signs, lobby signs, exit signs, and many more.

Custom Signs For Your Business

For many of these signs there are standard options. Getting standard signage is cheap and easy. But it also says something about you. It kind of says that you’re cheap and lazy. Moreover, it’s important for businesses to create an aesthetic, an environment, a memorable feeling for their patrons. An identity. It’s very difficult to do that with a hodgepodge of store-bought signage. You want all your signs to work with each other. You want custom signs.

If the color scheme for your Peachtree Corners bowling alley is green and gold then all of your custom signs should be made with that color scheme. That includes the big sign out front as well as the restroom signs on the doors. If you want to convey an atmosphere of success and professionalism at the Johns Creek office you manage, you can’t very well do that with store-bought signage. You want classy, sophisticated, custom signs. If you have a logo for your Doraville barbershop, it will help people remember it (and your name) if you include that logo on your open/close sign, hours of operation sign, window graphics, and the like.

Custom Sign Options

The best part of commissioning custom signs is all the options you have. You get to choose the material you want: vinyl, acrylic, aluminum, or something else entirely. You get to choose the colors, fonts, patterns, and layout you want. You get to choose the type of sign you want: neon, LED, digital, and more. And if you work with a good sign and graphics studio, they’ll help you make the best decisions and walk you through their process of making custom signs.

Peachtree Signs & Graphics

If you want to get started on getting some great looking, durable, and professionally made custom signs, please get in touch with us at Peachtree Signs & Graphics. We’re happy to serve customers in Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Johns Creek, Duluth, Doraville, Marietta and Chamblee. To learn more about our custom signage process, please visit our website or call us at (678) 224-5401.

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