What You Should Know About Hanging Business Signs

Mar 25,2020

What You Should Know About Hanging Business Signs

What is Hanging Business Signs?

Hanging business signs are a great way for Georgia businesses to display commercial, functional, or directional information. If you’re wondering if hanging signs might be right for your Atlanta-area business, here’s what you should know.

Hanging business signs have several advantages over other types of signs that make them worth considering for your Atlanta-area business.

Let us start with what is probably the most common example of a hanging business sign. Let’s say you manage a grocery store in Roswell, GA. How are you going to inform your shoppers about which aisles have which products? Are you going to post a sign on the end of each aisle? You could do that, but then you’re eliminating the potential of that space as a product display. Furthermore, it would only be visible to those standing right beside it. No, you’re far likelier to install signs that hang above the center of the aisles.

These types of hanging business signs are very common to see in Roswell and everywhere else in Georgia. Why is that? Usage of space is one key reason. You don’t always have floor or wall space to install signage but you might have space above, so a hanging business sign is ideal. Hanging business signs also have great visibility. Just by looking up, everybody can see the sign. Lastly, there is the small advantage of movement. Even indoors, hanging business signs sway ever so gently. This minute amount of movement can capture the human eye and cause us to look up at hanging businesses signs more than we would at static signs.

Hanging business signs have many more applications beyond just Roswell grocery stores. For example, hanging a business sign outside will have increased movement and will therefore generate even more impressions.

Hanging signs can be effective at identifying businesses at their entrance or shop window. This is an especially appropriate sign for businesses that are run out of old homes, giving a homey, down-to-earth touch to your business. But not all business have a storefront with the right infrastructure from which to hang a sign. Then you need to install a bracket to hang your business sign. This a tactic we see often with projecting signs.

Let’s say you manage a restaurant on a street in Marietta with heavy foot traffic. If you affix a sign to the facade of your business, it will really only be visible to people standing right in front of your restaurant or on the other side of the street. But installing a projecting sign that sticks out (or projects) from the facade of your business perpendicularly makes your sign visible to people on the sidewalk on either side of your business. And if this projecting sign panel hangs from the bracket, it will be more noticeable as it sways back and forth, ultimately bringing more patrons into your Marietta restaurant.

To Get Hanging Signs For Your Atlanta-area Business, Please Contact Peachtree Signs & Graphics

We have only just scratched the surface of your hanging business sign options. There are hanging neon signs, hanging banner signs, hanging hours of operation signs, and many more. If you’re located in Marietta, Roswell, or anywhere else in the Atlanta area of Georgia and would like to learn more about hanging business signs, please contact us.

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