What You Need To Know About Electronic Signs

Jul 30,2020

What You Need To Know About Electronic Signs

Electronic signs can be really effective promotional tools for businesses here in Georgia. But they can also be quite complex and they are some of the more expensive signs. What should you know about them?

What Exactly Do We Mean By “Electronic Signs”?

An electronic sign is simply a sign that requires electronic wiring of any sort. The most common type of electronic sign is a lighted sign. Sometimes the letters or graphics of a lighted sign are illuminated themselves and sometimes the illumination shines on them. You can use incandescent, fluorescent, neon, or LED lights for these purposes, but there are clear advantages to the last two. Neon tubes can be bent and crafted in many positions and the neon gas gives these signs a warm and pleasing glow. LED lights look great as well, plus they last the longest and they are the most energy efficient.

Not All Electronic Signs Are Merely Illuminated. Some Are Digital.

We’re in the digital age, so some businesses in Georgia want digital signs. Digital screens allow for the display of multiple images. Digital signs can scroll through a variety of images, each being displayed for a pre-set period of time. Digital signs can also show moving images, or they can be simpler, displaying images by lighting up different pixels. A digital sign could be perfect for scrolling through the menu of a quick service restaurant in Marietta, for example.

Digital signs are not cheap. They’re cheaper than most forms of advertising, of course, but in terms, of signage, they’re on the more expensive side. However, digital signs typically pay for themselves over time. First, they generate more impressions, so they’re more effective than most forms of static signage. Second, they are easily changed. Did you change the menu at your Marietta restaurant? If you had bought a static sign, you’d need to buy a whole new one. But with a digital sign, you simply reprogram it.

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Signs?

We’ve touched on it a bit, but the prime benefit of an electronic sign is that generates more impressions. The goal of any sign is to attract as many eyeballs as possible, and electronic signs are impressively effective at doing that. That digital sign in the Marietta restaurant attracts eyes with its movement and brightness. But even a neon sign has a subtle vibration that subconsciously attracts our eyes. Moreover, an electronic sign installed outdoors can be seen in all types of weather, at night, and at a distance.

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