What to Put on an Acrylic Sign?

Jun 29,2020

What to Put on an Acrylic Sign?

Acrylic signs make for great looking and effective commercial signage. If you manage a business or organization in Georgia, getting an acrylic sign can make your outfit look attractive and professional.

Acrylic Signs Can Give Your Business The Air And Presentation Of Professionalism And Success At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Signs.

In comparison to other forms of marketing and promotion, signage is almost always the more affordable option. And acrylic signs are even more affordable than some other options. Acrylic signs generally look like they cost a lot more than they do (if you have them designed and manufactured by a top rate sign studio).

Acrylic signs are typically made by colored text and/or graphics on to a clear backing panel. The clear background allows the letters and graphics to really pop. Acrylic signs are made of a cast polymer which is transparent and largely colorless. Most often the text and graphics on an acrylic sign are printed with UV ink butother options exist, such as print films and vinyl lettering. Acrylic signs can give your business a contemporary and classy look. Glass signs can be used to achieve a similar aesthetic, but they are more expensive and, because they are heavier, are more difficult to install.

OK, so acrylic signs are great. But just what do you put on them?

Acrylic signs are generally used for commercial and promotional purposes. Not many businesses would bother to commission an acrylic sign to display informational text, such as wayfinding info. Acrylic signs are often used to identify businesses in their front rooms, lobbies, or offices. If you manage a small office in Doraville, a simple acrylic sign could be good for staff morale. It will let them know that they work for a sophisticated and professional company.

Acrylic signs have long been favored by salons and spas. If you run a hair or nail salon in Peachtree City, an acrylic sign out front might seem like something of a cliché. That’s why you want something original printed on it. The acrylic sign sticks with tradition; the graphic or text will show off your salon’s uniqueness. Acrylic signs are also great in retail spaces. A sophisticated acrylic sign would work well in a Norcross retail store that sells high-end kitchenware, for example. Because you can print just about anything you want on them, acrylic signs are very versatile.

Peachtree Signs & Graphics Can Make The Perfect Acrylic Sign For Your Business Or Organization.

If you’re located in Doraville, Peachtree City, Norcross, or anywhere nearby in Georgia, and would like to commission an acrylic sign for your business or organization, please get in touch with us today.

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