What Is Vehicle Window Film And How Does It Work?

Aug 21,2020

What Is Vehicle Window Film And How Does It Work?

The premise of a vehicle graphic is simple: it turns your work vehicle into a self-promotional tool. But exactly how vehicle graphics work can be a bit more complicated. For example, what is vehicle window film?

Vehicle Window Film Can Be An Important Component Of Vehicle Graphics.

Let us first begin by discussing the vehicle graphics in general. If you’re a house painter in Johns Creek, you should install a vehicle graphic on your work truck or van so you can advertise your business everywhere you go. If you manage a home cleaning service in Doraville, installing a window graphic will help people to identify your cleaning crews when they arrive. And if you manage a car service in Marietta, you need vehicle graphics to make all your vehicles look uniform and professional.

That’s How Vehicle Graphics Work, But How Does Window Vehicle Film Work?

Vehicle graphics have the benefit of making work vehicles look more professional and more noticeable, all the while promoting their business all over Marietta, Doraville, Johns Creek, and elsewhere in Georgia. For some businesses, a small graphic is all that they want; something that’s just large enough to state the name of the business and a telephone number. While economical use of space is advantageous, sometimes you need more than that.

Sometimes you need more space to convey all the information you want to, such as a slogan, web address, logo, etc. Moreover, the larger your vehicle graphic, the likelier it is to grab people’s attention. With a vehicle wrap, the graphic wraps around the vehicle, becoming visible on multiple sides. However, to do this you often need to cover a window to make it look good. But covering the window isn’t practical, right? Wrong.

Vehicle Window Film Allows For A Graphic To Cover A Window While Still Allowing You To Look Out Of It.

Vehicle window film uses tiny perforations to create a one-way affect. Just as you can see through one way of a one-way mirror, you can only see the vehicle graphic from outside the vehicle. So while you’re cruising along I-285 outside of Doraville, stuck in traffic in Marietta, or parked in front of your house in Johns Creek, people outside will see your beautiful vehicle graphic on your window, but inside, you can still see traffic just fine. Having said that, you cannot install vehicle window film on your windshield.

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