What Custom Exterior Signs do Businesses Need?

Jun 19,2020

What kinds of custom exterior signs do businesses need in Decatur

Running a business in Georgia is tough. There’s a lot of competition. How do you get noticed? Custom exterior signs are a cost-effective to identify and promote your business.

What kinds of custom exterior signs do businesses need in Decatur, Johns Creek, North Atlanta, Roswell, and nearby in Georgia?

The term “building signage” is a broad one. Technically, it can be applied to any sign that appears on the external wall of a building. Building signage typically identifies a building. This could be any kind of building: a school, a government office, a community center, etc. When it comes to businesses, however, a building sign doubles up as a commercial sign because it also serves to promote the business that owns or inhabits the building. If you manage a business with external walls in Decatur, GA, customize your exterior building sign to represent your brand. Use the colors, fonts, patterns, and messaging that is consistent with your other signage and promotional material.

Electronic signs give you lots of options for customization. If you manage a business in Johns Creek, GA, choosing an electronic sign as your custom exterior sign can really get you noticed.

Electronic signs” also represent a broad category of sign. Any sign that is lighted requires electronics. LED lights are very efficient and long lasting, so they are a wise choice for many businesses in Johns Creek. However, for all their advantages, they can’t fully replicate the warm glow of a neon sign, which might be an appropriate choice for bars or salons in Johns Creek.

If your business is situated in a more densely populated area of Georgia, such as North Atlanta, you might find that you don’t have a lot of room for your custom exterior sign. A vertical sign can help solve this problem.

If you don’t have a nice, wide storefront, then a horizontally oriented custom exterior sign may not be practical for your North Atlanta business. In such a case, simply use a vertical sign. Many hotels, department stores, grocery stores, and other businesses in North Atlanta use custom vertical signs on their exteriors to identify and promote themselves.

While all effective, some the custom exterior signs mentioned above can be a bit pricey. On the lower end of the price scale, there are banners.

Whether you want to hang a banner from your Roswell storefront or you want to use vertical banner stands that you can set up anywhere for an outdoor event in Roswell, banners are great custom exterior signs because they are versatile and affordable.

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