Vinyl Signs 101

Jan 24,2020

Vinyl Signs 101

Vinyl is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective material to work with when making signs. If you have an idea for a sign but you’re not sure what material you want to use for it, you should consider vinyl. Vinyl is especially good for lightweight signs. But it can be tough to know where to start with vinyl. Consider this your crash course. This is vinyl signs 101.

What Is Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl printing is an inexpensive option so they’re great for small businesses whether it’s a retail store in Peachtree Corners, a coffee shop in Chamblee, or any other type of business anywhere else in Georgia. Vinyl printed signs also vary in size. Even though vinyl signs are inexpensive, they don’t look cheap. As long as you have your vinyl printed by a professional and reputable local sign studio, that is. Vinyl signs can be used on a number of surfaces.

What Is Vinyl Lettering?

Sometimes you don’t need an entire rectangular sign. Sometimes you just need some letters. For this option, vinyl lettering is really cost effective. You can attach vinyl lettering to your surface of choosing with an adhesive backing. Keep in mind, though, that once adhered you can’t move your vinyl lettering around as you wish. Vinyl lettering isn’t like a fridge magnet. But vinyl lettering is versatile in other ways. You have your choice of any font, color, and size you want. You can put vinyl lettering up in the shop window of your Duluth restaurant or you can use vinyl lettering as a fun form of directional signage in your Johns Creek bar.

Large Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs are often smaller forms of signs. But they don’t have to be. Vinyl makes for a great material for slightly larger signs as well. Large vinyl signs are great for promoting your business or specific products or services, for branding an area as belonging to your business, and for identifying rooms, areas, and sections. From promotional signs on storefronts to motivational signs on the walls of offices, large vinyl signs can be used for a lot of different purposes in different places. That’s the beauty of vinyl signs: they’re versatile. You can do pretty much anything with them. What you do is up to you.

One more thing. Most of what we’ve gone over has to do with indoor signs. Vinyl signs are perhaps most commonly used indoors, but they don’t have to be. You can use vinyl signs outdoors as well. One use for vinyl signs that many people don’t think of is as a vehicle graphic. If you have a work vehicle, you should promote your business. If you’re a handyman living in Chamblee, think of all the time you could be promoting your services as you drive around Georgia from job to job.

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