The 411 On Window Signs

Jul 23,2020

The 411 On Window Signs

Window signs are excellent promotional tools; when they are designed and installed correctly, that is. Any business in Georgia with a front window can benefit from a window sign.

A Shop Window Is An Excellent Area To Promote Your Business And Brand The Space Around You As Belonging To You.

Think of your front window as blank canvas. On it you can paint (figuratively) something bold and beautiful to promote your Georgian business. It may be gauche to install a window sign on the front window of your home in Sandy Springs. But on the front window of your Sandy Springs business? Frankly, it would be foolish not to.

Window Signs Can Serve Five Functions.

  • Identification: The first task is to identify your business. If somebody is looking for your Sandy Springs business, they need to be able to find it. Without a window sign, people are likely to simply drive, cycle, or walk right past you.
  • Promotion: The second function of a window sign is to promote. Maybe somebody didn’t know they were looking for your Sandy Springs business, but upon seeing your beautiful and attractive window sign, they are enticed to come inside. Afterall, not everybody knows they want an ice cream cone until they see a delicious picture of one on a window sign.
  • Branding: Branding is a more elusive concept. Maybe your Sandy Springs ice cream parlor has an outdoor seating area. It’s important to brand that space as yours so not just anybody sits there without buying an ice cream and so that those who purchase an ice cream feel more connected to your business.
  • Advertising: Some window signs can be used to advertise specific products or services. Think of convenience stores in Sandy Springs that advertise specific products. Or you can advertise temporary sales. Vinyl lettering is quite cheap and easy to install and remove, so it’s an effective choice for advertising sales.
  • Information: Window signs can also be used to convey more functional information such as hours of operation, asking customers to use a different entrance, or, in this age of COVID-19, inform customers about new policies, e.g., no more than two customers permitted inside at a time.

What Are The Best Choices Of Materials For Window Signs?

As mentioned above, vinyl is great for lettering and simple graphics and logos. For more extensive window signs, choose window film. Window films can be designed to work one-way, so you can cover your entire front window and still see outside while those looking in only see a fantastic image.

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