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Nobody is going to be able to identify your business, want to buy your products, or avail themselves of your services if they don’t see your business’s sign. Craftsmanship, verbiage, font, color schemes, and size are all key when considering a sign, but none matter at all if people can’t see your sign. That’s why placement is important, but you can’t really guarantee impressions with placement alone. Illumination, however, can generate many more impressions compared to a non-lighted sign.

Uses of Lighted Commercial Signs

Lighted signs generate more impressions for their commercial businesses than non-lighted signs by standing out against all the other visual stimuli in the area. Lighted commercial signs are great indoors but they can really stand out outside. Lighted commercial signs stand out in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, and at night time. Lighted commercial signs have great visibility and can be seen by people and motorists at a distance. Lighted commercial signs can also create the appearance of movement and this is great because the human eye is naturally drawn to movement. LED lighted signs are very efficient at using energy, they don’t generate a lot of heat, and they last for a long time. Neon lighted signs can’t boast quite the same efficiency but they do have a classic, warm glow that some LED signs can come close to approximating, but never quite duplicate.

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