How To Dramatically Increase Business At Minimal Cost

Apr 03,2020

How To Dramatically Increase Business At Minimal Cost

Figuring out how much money to spend on marketing –if any– for small and medium-sized businesses is always tricky. Especially in a competitive market like Atlanta. But many businesses find success with two little words: vehicle wraps.

Marketing and advertising are inherently tricky. Many Atlanta businesses choose to forgo the whole concept altogether. But what if you could advertise your business at a minimal cost? Vehicle wraps allow you to do just that.

Let’s imagine that you are a handyman (or handywoman) based in Doraville, Georgia. On Monday, you’re replacing a front door on somebody’s house in Chamblee. On Wednesday, you have to drive to Dunwoody to re-caulk a bathroom tub. All next week you will be building a deck for somebody in Woodstock. Think about all the driving you do in the Atlanta area. From Doraville to Chamblee, Doraville to Dunwoody, Doraville to Woodstock, and to hardware stores all over the Atlanta area.

Think of all that time parked in front of job sites, driving on side streets, stuck on I-285 in rush hour. How many people see your work vehicle every day? Hundreds? Thousands? Thousands and thousands? And how many take notice of you? Without a vehicle wrap, probably zero. But with a vehicle wrap, you can advertise your handyman business to thousands of people in the Atlanta area every single day.

If you have the budget to do so, radio, television, and online ads might help your business. But there’s always risk involved. With vehicle wraps, your risk is minimal.

It’s true you can’t control who sees your vehicle wrap, so you can’t narrow in on your target demographic. But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter for two reasons. One, because so many people will see it, some will be bound to be in your target demo. Two, vehicle wraps cost so little compared to other forms of advertising and promotion that you can afford to take the chance. You’re going to spend all that time driving around anyway. Why not turn commuting time into advertising time? Best of all, it only requires a one-time outlay; there are no recurring payments as with commercials or billboards.

But how do vehicle wraps actually work? What do they look like?

Vehicle wraps are called such because they “wrap” around your vehicle. Vehicle wraps should state the name of your business with some other key information. You can include a logo, slogan, address, phone number, web address, or an eye-catching graphic. A vehicle wrap can be installed on a Dunwoody electrician’s car, a Chamblee house painter’s truck, or a Woodstock roofer’s van. But vehicle wraps are not just for tradespeople. Maid services companies, private tutors, and food delivery and catering vehicles can all benefit from vehicle wraps. And if you manage a business in the Atlanta area that has a fleet of vehicles, you should definitely use vehicle wraps to make them more identifiable, uniform, and professional.

Peachtree Signs & Graphics can design a bold and brilliant vehicle wrap for your Atlanta-area work vehicle.

Not only are our vehicle wraps well-designed, they are durable as well, so they won’t fade and peel after only a few months. To learn more about vehicle wraps, please contact us via our website or call us at (678) 224-5401.

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