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A hanging sign is any sign that has the sign panel hanging down from a structure of some sort. Hanging outdoor signs have three chief advantages. The first is that hanging outdoor signs don’t take up space on the ground. You might not have room on the sidewalk outside your store in Marietta but with a hanging outdoor sign, it’s not a problem. Second, by hanging them at just the right height, hanging signs will be visible to all. The third is movement. When hanging outdoors signs sway, they attract the eye of passersby as our eyes are naturally drawn to movement.

There are no ceilings outside from which to hang your signs. Outdoor hanging signs have to hang from something else. One option is to hang signs from a bracket affixed to the wall, as with a projecting sign for example. You can also hang a sign from its own crossbar as a free-standing sign, such as a post and panel sign. The sign panels on hanging outdoor signs are typically double-sided. This way, people on either side a hanging projecting sign outside a retail store in Marietta will be able to see the sign regardless of which direction they’re coming from. You can hang the sign with a chain, wire, cable, or rope.

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Peachtree Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture, and install high quality hanging outdoor signs for customers in Marietta, or anywhere nearby in Georgia. To learn more about hanging outdoor signs, please contact us.

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