First Steps Involved In Installing A Logo Sign

Jan 15,2020

First steps involved in installing a Logo Sign

Receiving the logo artwork from the customer required some modification. We had to move the artwork from one design software to the Adobe Illustrator program. This required some manual changes so that the artwork would look the same as the original one. Also we didn’t have the appropriate fonts available so we had to find and match the fonts for the editable copy in the file. An outline in the graphic was needed to tell the plotter where to cut after the finished print was laminated.

After That We Had To Ensure The Colors Matched Accordingly.

The artwork was printed on durable vinyl and then it was covered with UV protective lamination to ensure the colors remain due to sunlight as the front gets most of the sun during the day. The laminate also protects the logo while washing the windows.

First steps involved in installing a Logo Sign

The Products We Used Have A Durability Of 3 Years According To The Maker.

After laminating the print is sent to the Graphtec plotter so the contour of the image can be cut out and the remaining vinyl gets weeded. The remaining vinyl for application gets premask or transfer tape so the graphics can be placed on the area correctly.

  • Before the installation we had to ensure that the outside temperature was above 50F and lower than 90F. When temperatures are below 50F the vinyl becomes harder and more brittle and does not provide an optimal installation environment. The surface for the application needs to be at the right temperature to make sure the adhesive sticks correctly.
  • The surface had to be cleaned properly to ensure that the adhesive would adhere properly to the surface after which the logo was taped and measured to ensure a straight installation. Then the backing paper was removed to expose the adhesive on the vinyl. The backing paper is used to smooth out the logo after which it is removed.

First steps involved in installing a Logo Sign

It is important that both parties discuss the actual need and what is expected of the end-product to ensure that the correct materials are used. In many cases one could go for the most expensive or the cheapest material, but it always depends on what the desired outcome is supposed to be and compromises need to be made that the customer gets the best value out of the end-product.

First steps involved in installing a Logo Sign

It is important to listen to the customer needs as well as educated them of possible alternatives to find the best solution that will at the end satisfy the customer and make them shine.

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