Everything You Need To Know About ADA Signs

Aug 31,2020

Everything You Need To Know About ADA Signs

If you own or manage a business in Georgia, it is likely that you need ADA signs. “Need” both in the sense that you need them to serve your customers and staff and because you need ADA signs to avoid paying large fines.

“ADA” Stands For The “Americans With Disabilities Act” And It’s Important That Georgian Business-owners Know About This.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a 1990 United States federal law that prohibits discrimination of people based on their disabilities. The law inspired a subsequent federal law as well as numerous state and municipal laws all over the country. ADA laws affect how business owners can run their businesses. In terms of signage, this has resulted in the ADA sign.

ADA Compliant Signs Are Signs That Can Be Read By Anybody.

Able-bodied people have a hard time imagining how life is for those who live with disabilities. The National Institutes of Health estimate that as many as four million Americans are visually impaired. The National Federation of the Blind estimates that there are nearly 270,000 Georgians who live with a visual disability. By not having ADA signs, you cannot serve these people. You are saying that you don’t want their business, nor do you welcome them to apply to work for you. But installing ADA compliant signs can change all of that.

How ADA Signs Have Large, Clear Texts, Easy To Discern Color Schemes, And Braille?

Many people who are legally blind or visually impaired still have some vision. They might be able to read signs if the text is large enough. Placement is also key. You have to consider your signage from different angles and vantages to make sure there’s nothing blocking it and that it won’t look significantly different to people of different heights. Colors are important, too. Some people who are color blind or similarly impaired have great difficulty differentiating different colors, so, red text on a green background, for example, might not be ADA compliant. Lastly, there’s braille, a tactile writing system comprised of a series of bumps to spell words that blind people can read with their fingers.

Peachtree Signs & Graphics

ADA laws apply differently to businesses of different sizes in different jurisdictions. It can be difficult to know which signs of yours must be ADA compliant and what, in fact, will make them compliant. Peachtree Signs & Graphics can help. We can advise you and your Georgian business on which ADA signs you need, help with the design such that the ADA compliance does not ruin the look you wanted for your sign, and then manufacture and install it for you. To learn more please contact us via our website or call us at (678) 224-5401.


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