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Elevator AdvertisingWhat do you do in an elevator? There’s not much to do except to not make eye contact with the person beside you. So if you don’t look at them, what do you look at? Your shoes? They could use a shine. Your nails? Better clip that thumbnail soon. The ceiling? OK, now you look weird. If only there was something in the elevator that could draw your attention and pass the time.

Benefits of Elevator Advertising

Many might lament that we live in an age where a few seconds of awkward silence or boredom compels us to look at our phones, but this is the case for many of us. Only, cell phones often don’t work in elevators. But advertising does. Really well. Every heard of a captive audience? An elevator has a literal definition of that, at least until you get to your floor. Elevator advertising can be incredibly effective because few, if any, other forms of advertising have as much undivided attention from their audience, even if only briefly.

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Because people don’t tend to spend more than a minute in an elevator (unless something goes badly wrong) the messages you display should be short and digestible. Elevator advertising can be low tech or high tech. Whether you want a bulletin board type sign for an apartment building elevator in Buford or a digital sign for an office building elevator in Buford, Peachtree Signs & Graphics can make the elevator advertising sign that you need. Contact us to get started.

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