A church just wouldn’t be complete without a church sign outfront displaying the name of the church as well as other information. Church signs are great and handy to have for a number of reasons. First, many churches sit on top of lawns and there is often a bit of space between the church and the nearest sidewalk or road. If you were to install a sign right on the wall of the church, people might not be able to see it, so a church sign makes the name of the church easier to see.

Church signs are vital for identifying your church or place of worship. If you are in charge of a baptist church in Norcross, then you want people to know it’s a baptist church. You also want to invite people inside and make them feel welcomed. Perhaps you would like to quote a piece of scripture to inspire and enlighten people and/or mention the topic of that week’s sermon. Church signs can also be used to update people on upcoming events as well as the weekly schedule. Church signs often also list a phone number or maybe a website where people can get in touch with you. Many churches use individual letter tiles so that they can change these messages whenever they like.

If you manage a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other house of worship in Norcross, Chamblee or nearby, and would like a top quality church sign, please get in touch with Peachtree Signs & Graphics today.

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