6 Different Types of Business Signs

Jan 27,2020

6 Different Types of Business Signs

What Are The Different Types Of Business Signs?

Whether you run an auto shop in Duluth, a restaurant in Norcross, an office in Johns Creek, or any other type of business anywhere else in Georgia, you need signs for your business. And you need those signs to stand out and be effective. Not sure what signs you need for your Georgian business? Here are six different types of business signs.

1. Outdoor Business Signs

To get people to come into your business, they have to know it’s there. They have to see it, identify it, and you also need to give them a reason to come inside. Outdoor business signs can do all that. And you have many options for a business sign from a simple sign on the front door of your business to a great big vertical sign up the side of your building. The bigger your outdoor business sign, the more visibility it will have, and the more impressions it will generate.

2. Lighted Business Signs

If you really want to boost visibility, then you should choose a lighted business sign. If your business sign is illuminated, then not only will it be visible during the daytime, but also at night, in the fog, in the rain, even the occasional snow we get here in Georgia. A lighted business sign, provided it’s well-placed, will generate more impressions than a non-illuminated business sign.

3. Digital Business Signs

If you really want, you can even go a step further with a digital business sign. Digital screen technology has come a long way and they offer businesses almost endless options when it comes to their signs. And while digital signs are more expensive than analog signs, over time they pay for themselves. Not only do they generate more impressions by creating the impression of movement, but you can reprogram digital business signs so you don’t have to buy a new sign every time you want to display a different message.

4. Business Banners

On the other end of the spectrum we have business banners. These business signs are much cheaper than lighted and digital business signs and while not as impressive they can be very cost effective. They can be used outdoors, indoors, temporarily, periodically, and even used as decoration.

5. Acrylic Business Signs

Acrylic is a popular material for business signs. It looks sophisticated and professional yet it’s relatively inexpensive. You can do a lot with acrylic for a business sign. One place where acrylic signs are very popular is in the lobbies and reception areas of businesses where you can brand the space with an acrylic sign declaring your business’s name or logo.

6. Office Signs

Most of the businesses we have discussed so far are ones that invite customers inside. But offices are also businesses and they need signs, too. Offices might need conference room signs, lobby signs, restroom signs, exit signs, door signs, and more.

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