5 Tips For An Excellent Car Wrap Design

Jun 12,2020

5 Tips For An Excellent Car Wrap Design

Car wraps are incredibly effective promotional tools. Or, at least, they can be. Car wrap design is not easy. It’s not as straight forward as designing some other types of signs. Here are five tips for an excellent car wrap design.

1. Make Sure That All The Pertinent Information Is Available On Multiple Sides Of The Car Wrap.

Crap wraps are called “wraps” because they are designed to wrap around a car. This means that graphics and text will be visible on multiple sides of the vehicle. If you’re a landscaper in Woodstock, GA, you’re going to spend a lot of time driving to and from North Atlanta, Marietta, Norcross, and all points in between. This means you can generate thousands of impressions every day. But those impressions won’t lead to increased business if the “call to action” aspect of your car wrap is divided between two sides of your vehicle or on your roof. You want your phone number and/or website address to be visible on as many sides of your vehicle as possible.

2. Don’t Clutter Your Car Wrap Design With Too Much Text. All The Text Should Be Absolutely Necessary. Let The Graphics Do The Rest Of The Work.

You want something like, “Call 678-555-5555 For the Best Landscaper in Woodstock” on multiple sides of your car wrap. What you don’t want is, “Founded in 1998, we had a dream to deliver better landscaping services to the good people of Woodstock, North Atlanta, Marietta, Norcross . . . “ and so on. You can’t include your whole life story in your car wrap design.

3. If Your Georgian Business Uses A Fleet Of Vehicles, Make Sure That All The Car Wraps Are Designed Uniformly.

Uniformity is a must when it comes to car wrap design for fleets. They all need to look identical otherwise your Marietta taxi cabs won’t look professional nor will they be easily identifiable.

4. You Can Have The Most Eye-catching, Brilliant Car Wrap Design In All Of Georgia. But If It Starts To Peel Away After Three Weeks, It Won’t Do You Much Good.

You need a good design for your car wrap. But you also don’t want to go through the whole process of having it designed, manufactured, and installed –-and pay for it— just to see it peel off or get scratched up easily. You need a durable car wrap.

5. If You Want The Best Possible Car Wrap Design For Your Work Vehicle Or Vehicles In Georgia, Contact Peachtree Signs & Graphics.

If you’re located in Woodstock, North Atlanta, Marietta, Norcross, or anywhere nearby in Georgia and would like to learn more about car wrap design, please contact us.

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