5 Things You Should Know About Window Signs

Feb 19,2020

5 Things You Should Know About Window Signs

Windows make for some of the best places to install signage. They’re often highly visible and they offer a lot of space. But people don’t always use this space well. Here are five things to know about window signs.

1. Many window signs appear on storefront windows. This means you should take great care in choosing your window sign because your storefront is the face of your Georgian business.

Competition can be tough for businesses in Georgia, especially for places near the crowded market of Atlanta, such as Johns Creek and Doraville. If you run a retail or service business with a storefront, that storefront is, in many ways, the face of your business, and therefore one of the most effective tools at enticing people inside. A big part of most storefronts is the storefront window. The storefront window allows your Johns Creek business the opportunity to make a great impression on people. Your storefront window sign must be attractive, inviting, informative, and on-brand with the rest of your messaging.

2. There are inexpensive –yet effective– options when it comes to window signs. An inexpensive material is vinyl. Vinyl decals allow your Doraville business to get the message across without breaking the bank.

Not all window signs need to be big and extravagant to be effective. Small, simple window signs can deliver straight-to-the-point messages. Use vinyl lettering to spell out your Johns Creek business’s name, “Welcome”, your address, or other pertinent information. For graphics, you can use a large vinyl sign, but if you want to go really big . . .

3. You can choose window film to deliver a stunning floor-to-ceiling effect for your Doraville window sign. Sometimes it pays off to go big and window film is the way to do it.

“But wait”, you’re thinking, “If I put up a window sign that covers the whole window, nobody will be able to see outside!”. Well first, good for you for thinking of this, and second, don’t worry about it. Window film can be perforated with tiny holes. This allows those inside your Doraville business to see outside while those outside just see your window sign.

4. You can even take window signs on the go. Use vehicle graphics to turn your Johns Creek work vehicle into a mobile billboard.

Because window film allows you to see through it, you can use it on the work vehicle(s) of your Johns Creek business. You just can’t put it on your windshield. Window signs can be a key part of any vehicle wrap or graphic and they are extremely cost-effective.

5. Window signs aren’t just about signs on the window. Look around the storefront of your Doraville business to find other opportunities for signage.

Maybe your Doraville business doesn’t allow for good window signage. You have other storefront signage options. Consider hanging a banner, possibly even a large banner, just on the inside of your window. You can also use exterior signage such as a building sign, an LED sign, or even a digital sign to attract customers inside.

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