3 Times A Banner Is Called For And 3 Times A Different Sign Would Be Better

Mar 31,2020

3 Times A Banner Is Called For And 3 Times A Different Sign Would Be Better

Different businesses in Georgia need a plethora of different signs. Banners are often a great choice for a sign, but they’re not always the best choice. Here are three scenarios for which a banner is best and three for which a different sign is best.

1. Let’s say you manage a retail store in Duluth, GA. You probably have sales events from time to time. Banners are perfect signs for sales and promotional events, especially recurring ones.

One of the best qualities about banners is that they are inexpensive. This makes banners ideal signs for temporary usage. Want to have a back to school sale at your Duluth store? Get a banner to advertise it. Or how about a nice festive banner for the holiday season at your Johns Creek store? Banners are also easy to move around and store, so you can put them away and use them year after year.

2. As versatile as banners are, they don’t communicate permanence. You don’t want to use a banner to identify your business or communicate a slogan.

Don’t hang a banner in your Johns Creek shop window with your business’s name on it. This tells people you’re not in it for the long haul. Insead, consider a window sign, such as window film. Acrylic signs are also good for this purpose as are various hanging signs. Sometimes it pays to go all out in the Atlanta-area, so consider a neon or LED sign to really stand out.

3. For most of the year in Georgia, we get pretty nice weather. As a result, you’re never far from an outdoor event in Atlanta. If you’re organizing an outdoor event, consider what you can do with banner signs.

Banners are effective signage for outdoor events and they fit within even modest budgets. If you’re organizing a Johns Creek outdoor event, consider using banners for directional signage, branding and promotion, identification, and more. You can use banner stands and even have the banners tapered to make them wind-resistant.

4. Banners are great in retail environments. In offices? Not so much. You don’t want a banner hanging in your Atlanta conference room.

If it’s Pam’s birthday or Deblina’s retirement party, sure, throw up a nice banner in your Atlanta office. But permanently? Or for business purposes? No. Banners are not appropriate in these professional environments. For your conference room and other office signage consider acrylic signs, plaques, and other, more auspicious signage.

5. Do you have a trade show coming up in or near Atlanta? Banners make for great trade show signage.

Install a large, horizontal banner above your booth or space at your trade show. This can get your Duluth business noticed and effectively brand the space at yours. Not every space allows for these types of banners, though. Consider banner stands that you can set up around your trade show space.

6. Banners are good components of a trade show display. They shouldn’t necessarily make up your entire display.

Consider using banners to augment your trade show display. Get your Johns Creek business noticed with an electronic sign, business cards, a printed backdrop, or even a digital sign.

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